These magical, intimate shots, spontaneously taken without a fancy camera, are part of the very personal diary of Jonatan K. Håbu: those familiar with my blog Wyrd’s Flight will remember his splendid account of Vemod’s performance at the Vigeland Mausoleum outside Oslo.

Norwegian born and bred Jonatan and I met through our mutual love for Vemod, when in 2013 we both traveled to The Netherlands to see them performing at a particularly sensational edition of Aurora Infernalis V, and we kept in touch since. We share a deep love for nature at its most unspoiled and raw form, books, black metal and learning from physical and spiritual journeys.

I am lucky enough to receive inspiring accounts of his mystical experiences within the heart of beautiful Norwegian forests during the changing seasons. With his kind permission, I am delighted to be able to share these rare, touching moments with you.



Norwegian_Forest_Early Spring-2

I love the frost crystals in the air in the dead of winter, cutting down trees for fire wood, building a proper fire, and experiencing the silence that I have only found in places where the ever-white snow covers all.




Here the weather is great and at the start of the week I spent the night in the woods by a warm fire and under a waxing moon. Not that I do not sleep in the woods if it is cold or raining, but the warming rays of the sun are most welcome when you open your sleeping bag in the morning and are being greeted by bird songs.



The absence of snow just makes everything easier. So far I have spent one night every month under the open sky and now that spring has arrived, I will start staying out at least two nights in a row. I feel it is part of my physical and spiritual education.




What is the Scottish summer like?
Here the weather is changing on a daily basis but that is fine.
I now spend one night in the forest every week. I am not embarrassed to admit that black metal has played a role in shaping my view of and relationship with nature. So has The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and also other books not of the fantasy genre


….and the Wind sang my name (video by Sylvain Clapot)

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Alex Mysteerie, aka Mystery Flame, has been an underground / extreme music activist since the late 80s. Currently Metal Area Co-ordinator at Rockerilla (IT) and sporadic blogger with her obscure, untamed beast Wyrd's Flight. She is the founder and Editor of 3RD-EYE.