Who & Why


3rd-Eye was initially conceived as bi-monthly printed magazine and we are looking forward to committing to the original idea as soon as timing and logistics will feel right. A special edition Anthology will be printed at the end of the year to create a fine collectable item inclusive of all the best articles published online: you will want to own this baby!!

3rd-Eye is the new magazine for the travelling music fan: an ally to the festival/concert goer who loves to add to the all-important sonic experience the cultural stimuli of discovering new places & cultures. Music is associated with landscapes, both inner and outer, personal and shared, which represent inspiring, often life-changing, intersections in our individual and collective life journeys.

Allow us to flourish and expand by following us (also on our Facebook page!) and, importantly, by actively staying in touch: spread the word! Whether artist, fan, promoter or colleague, you matter to us: we are here to share and embrace the underground community at large, hoping to create an open-minded and thriving environment where Music, Art, Culture, Travels, Ecology and Social Issues can be civilly discussed and shared. And we are also determined to have great Fun together!

3rd-Eye has been inspired by years of DIY fanzine making (when old-school meant drawing and writing by hand, maybe typing on a small typewriter, photocopying, stapling, licking the back of the postage stamp and walking to the nearest post box), years of writing on seminal, serious printed magazines with an authentic ethos, and further years of writing for cool e-zines and blogs. Like every aspect of life, the world-wide-web is far from perfect: it has plenty of light and shade, and we are for choosing (en)light(tenment) all the way.

3rd-Eye is a sincere act of love towards music and the underground, which we perceive as all-inclusive: we share strong extreme metal roots, but we shall not be shy away from showing and sharing our eclectic taste in music. If it moves us and has a strong purpose, we shall feature it!
So who are we?…
Years of intensive networking meant that Alex Mysteerie, founder and editor of 3rd-Eye, has been able to gather a fantastic bunch of people under the magazine’s umbrella: music freaks who make, listen and live it on a daily basis. This is what makes the underground so special, so unique and so honest. So do keep checking out 3rd-Eye: we hope to surprise you and bring something interesting to the table on a regular basis, and we are always open to welcome talented writers from anywhere around the globe!



Founder, Editor & Contributor:
Alex Mysteerie (IT) (also Metal Area Co-ordinator @ Rockerilla, blogger at Wyrd’s Flight)

Co-Editor & Contributor:
Geoff Birchenall (also Staff Writer @ Zero Tolerance)

Regular and occasional contributors so far (in alphabetical order):

Aesop Dekker (USA), Andrea ‘Ans’ Anselmo (IT), Andreas Schiffmann (DE), Åsa Hagström (SE), Becky Laverty (UK), Ben Brown (UK), Fabban Aborym (IT), Gavin Turner (UK), Guido Segers (NL), Simone Bardazzi (IT), Thor Joakimsson (DE), Tom Schilders (NL), Ulrike Serowy (DE), VC (CAN).

Looking for quality writers with music knowledge and creativity! Please contact us via our Facebook page (see below).

Collaborating Photographers:
Paul Verhagen (NL), Neils Vink (NL), Iñaki Campos (ES), Jan Rijk (NL)

Webdesign: Jasper Strik (KEY Webdesign)

Logo: Fabban Aborym





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